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by Lu Ann W.

A member of the OTL Seat Filler club family and (much too) frequent newcomer

New to the Austin area? It can be challenging, but you don't even have to be a newcomer have the desire to make some new friends, interact with your community, try some new things or enjoy new entertainment...

The following are resources that may be new and helpful to you regardless of whether you've lived in Austin for 10 days or 10 years.

Let me preface the unveiling of these top five resources by admitting that I am not a social media user (not that there's anything wrong with that...). I do not watch endless hours of You Tube videos, interact personally on Twitter nor do I enjoy putting myself out there with personal online profiles. I do, however, enjoy and appreciate the convenience of online research, tutorials and the introduction to new fashion trends, restaurants, and entertainment. So, although these resources are online-hosted, I would refer to them as "gateways to social interaction".

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NEWBEENETWORK.COM - In researching for this blog, I came across a really cool new website that, not only helps Austin newcomers to acclimate to their newly adopted hometown, but assists with the pre-move preparations and answers a lot of the questions and concerns we have before we even send in our change of address card. It's not that magic wand that we all wish for that would magically sort, pack and unpack us, but it does make things a lot easier along the way.

Newbeenetwork describes itself as "A community of past, present and future movers supporting each other in our next move. Our mission is to transform a cumbersome logistical moving process into one that is fun, interactive and community oriented."

Moving information, checklists and other helpful tools plus something that I LOVE - a Friend Finder. I've moved more than two dozen times and, believe me, a "friend finder" is just as good as that hypothetical "moving magic wand"!

newbee network, austin moving resources, austin newcomers

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MEETUP AUSTIN - A relative oldie but definitely a goodie! Meetup has something for everyone. I, personally, have been to meetups for social interaction, WordPress training, spiritual discussion and business connections. It's a comfortable way for a newcomer to meet some people with similar interests. There can be some trial and error to find a group that's right for you, but definitely worth it.

Here's a handy link to Meetups in Austin.

meetups austin, austin meetings and clubs, meet new people austin

“Making friends as adults may not be easy, but it's worth it!”

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“Nextdoor’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world.”


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NEXTDOOR.COM - So you've made your move. You're in your new Austin area neighborhood. Now what?

This is a resource recommended by my Mom who lives in the Austin area. Although she is part of the OTL Seat Filler Club team and works with our websites, she is also not one to gravitate to social media. So, when she embraced this website, it was definitely worth taking a peek. It's also a resource available in both the U.S. and the U.K. and we love that as our seat filler clubs are in both countries as well.

Neighbors helping neighbors. That's the premise of Nextdoor - and

Nextdoor is a "private social network". Who better to provide updates or make recommendations on businesses in your Austin area neighborhood than someone else who lives there. A break-in in the area? Nextdoor members quickly share the information with the network. In need of some home repair? Nextdoor members have the right person for the job. The best pizza delivery in the area? You get it...

linked in for volunteers, linked in for good

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND ON LINKEDIN/LINKEDIN FOR GOOD - You may know it as a social networking site for job seekers and for exchanging business advice and opportunities but, LinkedIn has numerous resources for volunteering in your brand new hometown. Visit LinkedIn for Good or search for charitable organizations and LinkedIn groups that specialize in your passions and interests in the Austin area. Volunteering is a great way to become an instant member of your new community as well as meet new people who share your vision.

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


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It's like a "Tourist Map to our own Hometown"


OTL SEAT FILLER CLUBS IN THE U.S. AND LONDON - INCLUDING OTL AUSTIN - ONTHELISTAUSTIN.COM - We've offered some resources for making your move easier, learning more about your newly chosen neighborhood and ways to meet some new people and enjoy some new activities.

Now, we're offering a brand new way to get to know your Austin area Arts & Entertainment community... by becoming an OTL Seat Filler Member.

OTL Members receive Complimentary Show Tickets to Music, Theater, Comedy and more at the private invitation of the theaters and show venues. As a bonus, OTL Austin members themselves refer to the club as a "tourist map to our own hometown". Whether you've been in town for 10 days or 10 years, OTL may be introducing you to hidden gems that you may not have even known about previously. A small theater with an amazing cast, an up-and-coming comedian that you'll soon see on the big screen, a future Grammy-winning musician...

OTL membership is open to everyone 18 and older with dues averaging around $10 per month - all tickets included. Hey, moving is expensive. Scoop up some free show tickets as an OTL seat filler. Your wallet will thank you!

On the List in London - OTL is just one of three families of Seat Filler Clubs in the U.S. (and OTL also has a London club -

The Seat Filler Network - OTL is a proud member of the Global Seat Filler Network that also includes SeatStir membership clubs in select U.S. cities. Visit for locations and links to all Seat Filler Network clubs.

Live in Las Vegas? You're covered too! is relatively new but has offered AMAZING shows both on and off the strip.

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