Hippie Hollow
Austin, TX

by Mary Lou

Former domestic violence advocate that came out of retirement to be a part of OTL through Member Services and securing new shows for members as well as raising her grandchildren and writing.


Austin is a growing city with popular hot spots and lots of hidden treasures.
Although I personally haven't been to Hippie Hollow, it was one of the top places on my list to share in my new blog postings as I thought it would just be something unique. After all, Austin isn't a conventional city.
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Don't forget all of the suburbs too. I'm in Round Rock and want to showcase all of the amazing areas outside the bit city as well.

Sturdy shoes, a beach chair, and don't forget your refreshments as there isn't a concession stand.

In the beautiful Hill Country, just outside of Austin, Texas, lies a hidden treasure of a different ilk.
Hippie Hollow, the clothing optional (yes, Mildred, clothing optional) swimmin’ hole of a nudist’s dream is a mere half hour from downtown Austin.
This is a beach for adults. There will be nudity. If it offends you, do not go. Clothing is optional so you won’t feel out of place in a swimsuit, but….
No guarantees that you’ll meet up with this fine fellow on the left, but, hey, one never knows.

No one likes rules, but everyone must play nice when at Hippie Hollow. You can sunbathe or swim in your birthday suit, but any overt sexual acts can get you arrested and some folks have found themselves in the slammer for breaking this rule. Hmmm. I wonder what they were wearing.
The beach itself is a bit rocky, okay, a lot rocky, like all rocks. So, while clothing is optional, if you value your ability to walk without assistance later, put some shoes on. There is no sandy area to relax, and some folks say that a towel to sit on is not enough, so try to bring a beach chair. Remember, sturdy shoes, beach chair, and, oh yeah, there is no concession stand, so bring in food and drink if you plan to stay awhile.
Alcohol is actually allowed at this park, but pets are not. Go figure! Also, no feeding of wild life, unless they are your friends and part of your picnic.
If bringing in alcohol remember - it’s a beach, folks. Glass bottles are not permitted. Also be aware that in addition to lowering inhibitions, alcohol dehydrates. You will be in the sun. Pace yourself and drink responsibly. Intoxicated persons will be removed from the park. Perhaps they will be sent to join their overly sexed pals in the slammer. Sure would like to be a police person on duty with a jail full of drunk, nekkid folks.
Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You are there to have fun, not be hospitalized. Ditto for the sunscreen.
There have been weddings at Hippie Hollow in the past. If you are planning your wedding and inclined toward the au naturel, this just might be the place.

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