Seat Fillers have Lots of Fun Things to Do

and the Free Tickets for which to do them

If you're searching for "Things to Do" in the Austin area, why not be a Seat Filler?



... not something that sits well with us.
You know the story... the weekend is approaching and we start looking for new "Things to Do". But many times we end up with the same old dinner and a movie or maybe we give up and binge watch Netflix™ all weekend (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

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At times our activities may be dependent upon our entertainment budget. Even dinner and a movie night can cost in excess of $100.
We want to do something fun, shake things up a bit, overcome the boredom... and the answer is here.

Prepare to Be Entertained by being a Seat Filler!

Seat Filler Members belong to the MOST FUN CLUB AROUND. No meetings to attend or minutes to take. Yes, there is dues but that dues translates to entertainment. Seat Filler Members pay approximately $10(£10)/month in dues but benefit by private invitation and free tickets to awesome shows. Shows that the general public still pays for and shows that can range anywhere from $5 to over $100 per ticket.

Music, Theatre, Comedy and more throughout the Austin area

Now there may only be a few shows offered in a month or there could be dozens that pop up. But, even if a member only attends one show every two months, they more than pay for their dues and they add some freshness to their social calendar.

Seat Filler Membership Clubs provide benefit to both the members and the entertainment partners:

1. Members receive FREE Show Tickets (Music, Theatre, Comedy and more) at the private invitation of these entertainment partners - theatres and show venues large and small. But we will say that the majority of shows are held at smaller theatres and show venues in Austin and throughout the suburbs.
2. The Entertainment Partners benefit by filling some unsold seats AND being introduced to new patrons that LOVE live entertainment.
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"I need some fun things to do"... "What should we do this weekend?"... "I'm bored"

Seat Filler Members say these things less and less.
1. They are introduced to fun new things to do - maybe small theatres and theatre companies they weren't aware of as yet or an up-and-coming comedian in town or maybe a smaller music venue is showcasing a favorite music genre.
2. If entertainment budget is an issue, Seat Filler Members pay low monthly dues and receive all Show Tickets for FREE. Nothing added. No surcharges or fees. They are on the comp list for anything they attend.

Looking for Fun Things to Do? Don't want to spend too much of your hard earned money???


Join the Club!