Seat Filling


In effort to fully explain what OTL the Comp Ticket Underground is, we often use the term "seat filler".  Truly, we ARE a seat filler as our entertainment partners only provide members with comp tickets when they have seats to fill.


A few differences though:


  • Our members are not separated.  If they have a Premiere (2 seat) Membership, both seats are together.
  • Our members don't have to get up and move.  Their seats are their seats and they're just like any other paying patron.  They're there to enjoy the show not hold a spot for a filler, seat filling, emmys seat filler, emmys seat filling, oscars seat filler, oscards seat filling, otl austin, on the list austin, comp ticket underground austin, austin seat filler, seat filling austin, community seat filling, comp list, vip list
  • Events are diverse and community-oriented.  Hey... there's only one Oscars™ but 365 days of other incredible events across the country.

We like to think of "seat filling" as way to introduce our members to some great new entertainment.  We've had members attend polo matches, speaker series, $1200 classes including cocktail receptions (yes, still free to our members)...  they've filled comedy clubs, nightclubs, sections of major concerts (but we don't promote concerts because they're not the main focus)...  they've gone to symphonies, operas, hockey games, tech conferences, spiritual expos...  Not to mention the amazing community theaters who work with OTL on an on-going basis.

All of these amazing venues love to showcase their awesome events to new people and our members fit the bill.

Seat filling?  You betcha that's what we do!